What To Do If Your Rainwater Gets Through Your Window?

There is no doubt that a leaking window is one of the worst enemies of any homeowner. The leaking window not only brings water into your home, it can also create major structural problems for your home. More often than not, the trespassing water damages the walls, makes them look ugly and increases your electricity bills.

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To avoid all these problems, you need to address the problems of leaking windows and doors when you first notice it. Take interest in the problem now to skip the costly repair charges later.

Why is my Windows leaking?

In the older homes, leaking windows and doors are quite common. After years of withstanding the extreme temperatures, building settings and different weather conditions, the windows do not stay air or watertight. The weather can damage the window frames and break the seals of the windows creating gaps through which water seeps into your home.

While the older windows are more vulnerable to the leaking risk, the newer ones can leak as well. You need to pay attention to the maintenance of your windows to make sure they are at their topmost conditions.

Determine where The Water Is Coming From

If you notice that your windows are leaking, the first thing you should do is to find the source of the leakage. The manufacturers of windows and doors in St Catharines say that it is extremely rare for a good quality window to let the water in. The problem almost always occurs in the area surrounding the windows.

Finding out if the water is coming from the actual window is extremely easy, and it mostly happens as the window does not seal completely when closed. So make sure that the window is completely closed first and then check the seals to find if there are any gaps.

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Thankfully, water is not an invisible element like wind, and almost always leaves a trace depending on the time of exposure. If there is no obvious sign of the water leakage, then you might have to pull off any decorative castings you have around the windows to find its source.

In most cases, the caulk around the window gets deteriorated. Putting another layer of caulk solves the problem completely. That’s one of the reasons why you should always call the professional handymen at the time of installing windows and doors in St Catharines.  

Dealing with the Water Damage

Once the source of water is discovered, you need to remove any signs of damage it caused to your walls, floor or ceiling. If luck is on your side, you might just need to reapply the paint to make everything prim and proper. However, if you are unlucky, which happens more often than you would like, you have to deal with the problems of water damage and sometimes even molds.

All in all, the best way to keep your home free of water damage is not to let the water penetrate the windows in the first place. Every spring, call in the handymen to check on the conditions of your windows and doors in St Catharines. Deal with the issues when they are small, and stop them from becoming a bigger problem.

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